Pascal Boyart fresco with hidden 1000 dollars in BTC

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin Genesis block, artist Pascal Boyart, painted a mural in Paris containing a $ 1,000 BTC.

Pascal Boyart's mural is inspired by famous work of art by Eugène Delacroix "La Liberté guidant le peuple", built in the early 19th century.Pascal Boyart

Boyart updated the piece to honor the Gilet Jaunes or Yellow Vests, which protest the ever-increasing cost of living in France and the apparent indifference of President Emmanuel Macron.

The mural was painted at an undisclosed location in central Paris. Boyart told Reddit that "in order to solve the puzzle, one must be in front of the mural", but added that it is possible to solve "part" of it even if you are not in France.

Ο original Delacroix painting was painted to celebrate the French Revolution, which culminated in the resignation of King Charles of France.

The painting shows revolutionaries with weapons, and since its construction it has become synonymous with the struggles against the monarchy.

Pascal Boyart's mural replaces spray guns and gas masks.


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