PayPal stops working with Mega

The story goes on: Mega has just announced that PayPal has stopped working with Cloud Dotcom's storage service.

Η PayPal, which also collaborated with Megaupload (until its closure by the US authorities) has stopped working with too many file hosting services.mega paypal

So far we know things unilaterally, as MEGA was the first to announce the case. According to a company post posted by a user named "Admin", RayPal has stopped accepting transactions from Mega citing "unknowability of what is on the platform" (does not know what is on the platform) as the reason that ends their collaboration.

Rather, it refers to encryption used by Mega, which prevents third parties from knowing what users are uploading and what is shared by the site in general.

PAPPal allegedly requested access to the system in the past to track all files that go up and down the site.

In accordance with Mega, the reason for the termination of the business relationship was the pressure received from Visa and MasterCard, which in turn were pressured by the US Senator Patrick Leahy to "stop providing services" to companies that do not provide "legal services". cloud storage ”.

So Mega has gone unpaid. If you try to upgrade your account or refresh it, you will receive an error message or you will be promoted to a resellers page.

Mega noted on his blog that he would not change the storage limits of users who can not trade due to PayPal to renew their account.

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