The famous hacker Kevin Mitnick died at the age of 59

Kevin Mitnick, who was once the most wanted computer criminal in the history of , died on Sunday at the age of 59.

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According to the New York Times the cause of death was complications from pancreatic cancer. He had been receiving treatment at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center since his diagnosis a year ago.

Kevin Mitnick was famous for a cybercrime during the 1990s that involved the theft of thousands of data files and credit card numbers from computers across America.

He used his skills to hack into US phone and cell phone networks, vandalizing government, corporate and university computer systems. Investigators at the time named him the world's "most wanted" computer hacker.

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In 1995, after a manhunt of more than two years, Mr. Mitnick was arrested by the FBI and charged with wiretapping and computer fraud.

In 1998, while Mr. Mitnick was awaiting sentencing, a group of his supporters hacked the New York Times website for several hours, forcing it to shut down.

The following year, Mr. Mitnick finally pleaded guilty to computer fraud as part of a deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 46 months in prison. He was also banned from using a computer or mobile phone without permission for three years after his release.

After serving prison time for hacking corporate computer networks, he was released in 2000 and began a new career as a security consultant, author and speaker around the world. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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