Petya ransomware: Now a massive attack reminds WannaCry

Petya ransomware beats now! A massive assault on the Petya ransomware began at 17: 30, causing disasters at airports, banks and many other organizations and institutions across Europe.

For the time being, it is unclear who is behind the offensive, but the security group from Moscow Group-IB told Reuters that it seems to be a concerted effort targeting both businesses and institutions in Russia and Ukraine at the same time. The exact extent of it raid has not yet been determined, but some believe that damage will be more than what caused it WannaCry.Petya ransomware

Then it was found that the attack, which seems to have started in Russia and Ukraine, has also begun to spread to companies in Denmark, Spain and the United States.

So far, several companies have reported having problems, such as the colossal shipping company AP Moller-Maersk and Russia's top oil producer Rosneft.

Boryspyl airport manager in Ukraine, Yevhen Dykhne, released a statement indicating flight delays.

"Keep calm, current information about departure times can be found in the scoreboard at the terminal."

According to chatverse on Twitterverse, the attackers are asking for ransom in Bitcoin of 300 dollars by individuals. Blackmail comes with a short message asking victims to send money to a specific Bitcoin wallet ID to receive the deactivation key.

You can track all transactions made in the attacker's wallet ID from the following link:
So far, about eight payments have been made, equivalent to just over 1 BTC (about $ 2.300).

F-Secure researcher Mikko Hypponen reports that Petya ransomware locks popular file formats such as .pdf, .pptx, .ppt, .ova, .php and more. For the full list, see the following message:

Petya ransomware but it seems to be spreading to ATMs and Super Market!

Even Chernobyl seems to have been affected by the attack. Nuclear power computers are reported to have been hit by cyber attack, with the result that technicians at the closed station in Ukraine are measuring radioactivity levels using Guigeer devices instead of specialized electronic means.

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