PLAY XNUMXD virtual worlds for dealing with student stress

Student stress (mainly due to the pressure for excellence, exams and professional future) is a problem with wide dimensions in the field of higher education.

Object of the research project "PLAY: Play, Learn, fight back AnxietY" in which the Open University of Cyprus (APKY), is the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of a playful XNUMXD virtual environment, in which students (undergraduate, postgraduate and adult) will be able to engage in activities that will better prepare them for the academic side of university life, in order to their.

The “PLAY” project is funded by the Erasmus + Program (action: Strategic Partnerships) and is coordinated by University of Patras.

In addition to APKY, the following bodies participate in its implementation consortium: OptionsNet in Patras, the European Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP Europe) in Ireland and the ISMAI University Institute in Portugal.

More information about the project can be found on its website:

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