How to use Microsoft Bing Image Creator

The Official Microsoft Blog revealed the release of Bing Image Creator on March 21, 2023 and is the next step in Microsoft's plans for productive AI content after the launch of Bing AI Chat.

The Bing AI Chat uses the model GPT-4 by OpenAI and Bing Image Creator uses another powerful OpenAI AI model, the GIVE HER, to convert text messages into images.

The images that DALL-E generates are generated by its extensive training. It used millions of images to help the AI ​​model learn and understand what images are, their meanings, and how they translate into text. DALL-E also integrates GPT-3, the precursor to the same model that underpins ChatGPT, Bing AI Chat, and other AI tools.


Bing Image Creator is still in preview, which means it hasn't fully rolled out to Bing AI Chat for every user.

However, Microsoft is integrating DALL-E's AI image creation model into Bing AI Chat directly, meaning you'll be able to ask Bing to create a unique image for you and it will respond accordingly. At least for now, Microsoft Edge will be the only browser with the built-in AI image generator.

When the full version is released on Bing, you'll be able to use the Bing Image Creator in a regular Bing AI conversation, as pictured above.

digital iguru

How can you try Bing Image Creator? Open the page with Edge (in the example below I used firefox without problem) and describe the image you want.

In Firefox it opened because the Image Creator Preview is available as a standalone website, which has a similar interface to OpenAI's DALL-E website. Otherwise, you can use the Image Creator Preview from the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

There is no Bing Image Creator waiting list like there was for Bing AI Chat.

However, there are some limits. You start with 25 units. Each quest uses one unit and your 25 units will reset every week. Once your units are used, you will still be able to create images. it's just that the process will be slower than before. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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