How to read tweets on Twitter without an account

Want to access Twitter content without an account? If you try it you will see that Twitter redirects you to its login page.

It's unclear whether Twitter restricted access or is pushing this change to all anonymous users. The access issue seems to affect some posts rather than individual threads at the moment, at least in our testing.Twitter

Twitter redirects users to the address and displays the login box on the screen.

How to read tweets on Twitter without an account

Accessing Twitter directly without an account results in a fairly limited experience. But there is a very quick way to access Twitter content: it's called Nitter.

Nitter is a free and open source frontend for Twitter that displays Twitter content without ads or any tracking by the social network. All you need is to replace the twitter domain in the address with Nitter.

For example :

To display it using Nitter, just replace with and there you go

The page opens and you can read the tweet just fine, no account, ads or tracking.

The LibRedirect browser extension automates the process for Twitter and beyond. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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