Power Toys 0.72

Microsoft released version 0.72 of the free for Windows 10 and Windows 11 yesterday August 1, 2023. The version 0.72 announcement shows us what's changed and what's fixed:power toys

Compared to 0,71, the 0,72 x64 version of PowerToys reduces the size displayed in the “Installed applications” section from 1,15 GB to 785 MB, and the size in File Explorer properties for the installation folder from 3,10, 554 GB at XNUMX MB.

This seems to me to be the most important tool change.

In addition, the developers also mention the following new features in version 0.72:

  • Value Generator? a new PowerToys Run plugin for hashes and GUID values.
  • Highlighter διαθέτει μια νέα which allows a highlight to continuously follow the mouse pointer.
  • PowerRename was optimized to support a larger number of files without crashing.

Download the app and read more


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