Manually reset the last session in Google Chrome

All the they have the possibility to restore the latter και το Google Chrome δεν αποτελεί εξαίρεση. Το Chrome αποθηκεύει ορισμένες , such as open tabs and windows, the size of each window, its position on the screen, and can restore them if the program is closed.


Of course, Google Chrome has an automatic reset, which if you turn it on every time you open this browser comes back to the last session, ie it was shut down just before.

To enable automatic reset you only have to go to Google Chrome settings, go down to the "Startup" group and select "Continue from where you left off."

Additionally, when you restart the program s Chrome after a crash or after abruptly closing it through it Task Manager , Chrome displays a small dialog with a to restore the last session.

When this option is enabled, Chrome resets the last session without interruption. Rarely, Chrome may not automatically reset the last session and may not even show up after a crash. If this is the case, see how to manually reset the last Google Chrome session.

There are two easy ways to restore manually. It's worth noting that these methods work even if you haven't configured it Chrome browser automatically reset the last session.

1 method
Step 1: After you start the Chrome browser, press Ctrl, Shift, and T (Ctrl + Shift + T) at the same time to reset your last browser.

2 method
Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser. Click the icon of the three vertical dots (next to user account in the toolbar) and select History to see all recently closed tabs.

Step 2: Here, under the "Recently Closed" section ( closed), Chrome displays X tabs (where X is a number of tabs, 4 in our case). Click this to restore your last browsing session. So simple!

Note that Chrome does not display this information on the History page, which you can access using the Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut.

These methods work great in your new browser Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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