The Web challenges Craig Wright as the creator of Bitcoin

Earlier today it was released by all media that an Australian businessman, Craig Wright, is the inventor of the Bitcoin digital coin.

The BBC said it had verified the allegations and the information given to them by Mr. Craig Wright and so the news was released by great names like The Economist.

BitCoin craig wright

However, there seems to be serious doubts from across the Web.

Reddit and Hacker News users, as they often do, went out for hunting, and they quickly claimed that the verification provided by Mr Wright was not enough.

Read more on Reddit thread.

Peter Todd, on the other hand, a cryptographic consultant, agreed that the data presented was not convincing.

Let's say that the last time Mr. Wright tried to convince the world that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, used expired PGP keys.

And the question remains for more than a decade. Who is the creator of Bitcoin and why does Mr. Wright want to appear as his creator now?

Maybe he still has ambitions to start the first Bitcoin bank.

Or maybe Satoshi Nakamoto really is, but the way he tries to prove it does not seem to convince everyone.

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