See the Windows 10 reliability review

Windows 10 includes the εποπτεία αξιοπιστίας με το οποίο μπορείτε να επιθεωρήσετε τα and crashes of your applications.


This is a special tool that monitors system stability and related incidents. Let's see how you can get access to this useful aid Windows.

To see the trust monitor go to the Windows settings and in the configuration search window type the word "reliablity", or if you want in Greek the word "reliability".

In the search results, do in the “View Trust History” item, which opens the Trust Monitor. That's it.

The panel that you will see in the window that will open looks like a graph with icons that match different events.
Informational events show the right events, such as installing or uninstalling an application that has been successfully completed.
In critical events such as failure to install a , the chart shows a warning sign.

You can click on the appropriate icon to learn more about the events of the past. In our case, trustworthiness has shown many crashes in Windows exploration.

At the bottom of the window, you can find out more about the event by clicking on the "View Technical Details" link. For errors and failures, you can easily see the available solutions.

The graph is presented using a special Stability Index whose value is from 1 to 10 and depends on the number of failures that have occurred during a period of time. The higher the price, the more stable it is They are.

Reliability oversight analyzes the history of system stability over the past year. The graph you see can be moved back and forth. It's built based on the date and analyzes based on the days, but you can do it to show the data of the weeks.

Είναι δυνατό να σώσετε όλη την ιστορία αξιοπιστίας χρησιμοποιώντας ένα ειδικό σύνδεσμο στο κάτω μέρος του παραθύρου. Δίπλα ακριβώς υπάρχουν δύο ακόμα σύνδεσμοι. Ο σύνδεσμος “Προβολή όλων των αναφορών προβλημάτων” θα σας επιτρέψει να δείτε τη λίστα όλων των αναφορών που αποστέλλονται στη .

The "Check for solutions to all problems" link is useful to quickly check for available solutions. Windows checks for bug fixes online.

Reliability supervision is a really useful tool for when you need to check the stability of your operating system and see details of its failures. It lists all the errors of the software you may have forgotten and lets you instantly check for available solutions from one-click interface. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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