How to run Google Chrome (and not only) on Windows 10 S

In our previous post we mentioned that it will be impossible to run Google Chrome on the operating system 10 S. Google is one of the few big companies that doesn't develop for Windows 10, although there is a clear demand for various programs that are not in the Windows Store, such as Google Chrome, or Gmail.

Google's decision to stay away from Windows 10 may be related to Microsoft's limitations on browsers that are published in the Windows Store. But it looks like Google Chrome can get to Windows 10 without the help of the developer.

Citrix released an application specifically for Windows 10 S through the Windows Store. This application makes it possible to run Win32 software in Windows 10 S running only applications from the Windows Store.Windows 10 S

It's called Citrix Receiver, and it's a universal app, so it works not only on computers, but also on smartphones, and it even reportedly supports Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile. This means you can run Win32 in Continuum mode, which will allow users to launch Google Chrome when working on a larger screen using their phones to power the system.

"Windows 10 S is a lock which runs applications provided only by the Windows Store. "This means that many existing Win32 applications that have not yet been shipped to the store will not run locally on Windows 10 S," Citrix said in a blog post today.

“The best way to access these critical Win 32 business applications is through Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix Receiver opens the door to run Win 32 applications on Windows 10 S. This way you can run your business critical applications and gives you the flexibility to run any other browser like Chrome or other browser search, simply, securely, and affordably, on Windows 10 S.”

Let us remind you that Windows 10 S is an operating system that is specifically aimed at its market and is limited to apps published in the Windows Store. This means that Win32 software cannot run on this of the operating system, if released through the Store or ported with Project Centennial. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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