Social Media Is All Friends Until Next Post

: Are we staying in Europe or not? "Stalinist" Greece with Tsipras and SYRIZA or protesters with heels and wine in hand? Thanasis Heimonas or Augustus Korto? Do you like nutella? Are you posting an indecent photo? Ass or tits?

They blocked you because you defended Bobola and Greek entrepreneurship, or maybe because you were happy that Mitsotakis Syntagma came down? How many likes did you get and what kind? ;

You did not get the likes like and someone chewed you up? Have you been hurt? Are you angry? Did you respond? After all, who do they all think it is? Have you known you since yesterday?Social Media FRIENDS AND ENEMIES

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Facebook and other war, of course - of course, social media. Please arm yourself well, correct spelling anyway, if you do not want to bust, and so be sure to throw away any sense of moderation and logic from the window.

These, as you imagine, do not even like thumps up.

Freedom of speech

"Eleytheria toy logos is the political process on the coinopoeia, and the apopseis and ideas of this, which are the soma and the idiocity of the people, are opposed to the prothymos of the dexte".

So says Wikipedia, even using the verb "communicates" almost as if it were aimed exclusively at Fb users everywhere. But she doesn't know how whoever dares to do it in greeklish, black darkness that ate him. In addition to the fact that he will immediately be considered uneducated and a traitor to the language, he will also be a donkey that the dishonest person did not think about, the eyes of his "friends".

Needless to say, greeklish will usually hurt someone after 3-4 comments and after something you've said would have stuck him on the wall.

KatrasSocial Media racing

"Fuck you pig", "Hey shitty bastard", "Hip, yip", "get off your rod, you'll get nowhere in the end and you'll have more problems απ' τον σκατοχαρακτήρα σου», αυτά και άλλα όμορφα ευχόμαστε στους «φίλους» μας όταν τύχει να διαφωνήσουμε για κάτι. Πολύς θυμός ρε παιδί μου, πολύς! Όμως ευφάνταστες εκφράσεις ομολογώ. «Αιμορραγούν τα oh my, rotten, with what you write", someone says and now tell me what to blame him for. That he takes everything personally?

Social Media: So we are all users. The page is our home and the wall our neighborhood. You can not run into our neighborhood.

ΥΓ.: Sappia had the following: "Feeling something for someone who is in touch is your right and it's something you do not control exactly."

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