Spacedesk: Free mobile screen extension

Spacedesk is an advanced and free application to extend the screen of your desktop computer to a mobile phone, or tablet or laptop.


Spacedesk is a free application that can wirelessly extend, clone, or split your computer screen into a second screen or more. The second screen can be another computer, a laptop, a tablet or your mobile phone. Although we presented it in our article "Use a laptop as a second screen", It is worth analyzing it a little more.

The program in addition to being able to extend or mirror or screen video, provides complete interaction from the client's main device, be it a touch screen or keyboard and mouse. It does not require cables or plug-ins as it is connected to a network, whether wired or wireless. All you need is your devices to be on the same network (intranet).

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Operation on your home network requires the presence of two machines, a server and one or more clients. You install the main program on the server, which runs only on Windows, and on the client you install the utility which can be Windows, iOS or Android.

TCP / IP v4 LAN connection can be made via Ethernet, USB (1-to-1 connection) and wireless (with the latest Wi-Fi standards recommended due to higher bandwidth and reduced latency). Once the client machine detects the presence of the server computer, it can request to extend or mirror the server desktop.

See the following example in a screen extension of a windows machine that acts as a server and an Android phone as a client.

spacedesk 1

When we asked the Windows computer to take a screenshot of its screen, it gave us both screens, side by side. The screens are in extended state as the txt file in the middle of the 1st screen is open on the second screen.

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The program on the server machine transmits data via LAN, while the client simply plays the live video stream, while also providing real-time monitoring for full control of the server keyboard and mouse.

The control panel is located on the server, it is quite simple and of course you can operate it from the client screen

spacedesk 2

Spacedesk is 100% FREE and you can download it here.

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