The World Map of International Phone Calls

The following χάρτης shows the volume of international calls between the countries of the world that took place over a map map

The image comes from a DHL survey and is titled "Global Connectedness Index 2014". This indicator records the levels of globalization and how they change from year to year. One of the conclusions this year is that global cohesion, which depends on cross-border flows in the exchange of goods, capital, information and people, has recovered most of the damage it suffered during the financial crisis.

With an analysis of the data resulting from this research, one can draw different conclusions. One of these is that 41% of international calls start from developed economies and end up in growing ones. The reverse path is followed by 9%. In part, this phenomenon can be explained in two ways.

On the one hand, we see which countries most often choose immigrants. See, for example, the relationship between the US and Mexico. On the other hand, in a developed country, the cost of international calls is much lower than in a developing country. So the first group of citizens has more financial comfort to call a relative belonging to the second group of citizens.

This map, of course, does not reveal how rarely someone calls in another country. The researchers who created it say that if we add all the minutes that people spend on international calls, we will see that they correspond to only 3% to 4% of the total time spent on calls.

Here is a different way to represent the data of the above map. Click on the image to see it in higher resolution.telephone-call-circle-graph

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