End Windows 11 on Virtual Machines without TPM 2.0

There are many who try them Windows 11 in virtual machines.
Until now, installing Windows 11 has been fairly easy, simply because the first preview versions had no special requirements.

But the latest previews of Windows 11 available to users on the Dev and Beta channels are beginning to impose TPM 2.0 even on virtual PCs, thus aligning them with stand-alone systems.
windows 11 virtual machine

In other words, Microsoft is starting to impose system requirements everywhere, so in theory, you will no longer be able to run Windows 11 on a virtual machine unless TPM 2.0 is enabled.

"This build includes a change that aligns the enforcement of Windows 11 system requirements on virtual machines to be the same as regular computers. Virtual cameras that were created in the past and are running Insider Preview versions may not be updated to the latest preview versions. In Hyper-V, virtual machines must be created like Generation 2 virtual machine. For more details on Windows 11 system requirements - see this post", Says Microsoft.

The Windows 11 are expected to be released on supported devices next month, and the first wave of updates is set for October 5. Microsoft has promised to make Windows 11 available on all PCs by mid-2022.

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