Tokelau the dot on the map with most domains

Tokelau, a small Pacific island, continues to provide the world with the most domain-wide domains around the world, surpassing 20,8's million domains using China's .cn.

The UK registry for .uk domains has published the world's most recent domain registration map. The map contains the number of registered domains at country level.Tokelau

Two years ago, Tokelau was again the "biggest" country in the world due to the domains that circulated. Everything is due, of course, to the free policy that the "country" has for the provision of domains.

The number of domains in .tk was at nine million by 2012 and has since tripled to 31 million to 2016.
Today, the number of .tk domains has reached 21,2 million, and the country remains ahead of China as well.

The number of .cn domains in China has increased over the last two years from 17 million to 20,8 million.
Germany (.de) is the third most widely used domain at country level, followed by .uk UK.

Anguilla's .ai rose by 219% from last year, probably due to companies that promote artificial intelligence capabilities.

The domains in .us of USA decreased by 17 percent last year, probably because .com already involves in the US. By contrast, the increase in the number of African domains has doubled from 2017.

See the World Map (PDF)


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