Try the new version of Opera with built-in ad-blocker

The program Opera μοιράζει μία νέα for developers that has an ad blocking feature built right into the browser and promises faster page load times.

opera logo

Although it is a developer version, the Opera becomes the first web browser with integrated and activated ad blocking. With faster web page loading, increased privacy and security, and a less intrusive web browsing experience through a advertisements.

Although Opera is not at the top of the most popular browsers (it ranks fifth worldwide, and is behind Microsoft, Google, και Apple) έχει μια ιστορία στην εισ innovations that later became common in major search engines such as tabbed browsing and pop-up locks.

The Norwegian company introduced the first Web browser for desktop 1995. With the rise of smartphone, it focused on the mobile browser, where it is now the lion's share of revenue.

If you want to try this version you can download from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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