WhatsApp prepares self-destructing audio messages

After announcing passkey support for password-free secure connections, WhatsApp is preparing self-destructing audio messages.

The new feature will destroy an audio message when opened once by the recipient.

The new feature is currently only available to beta users WhatsApp beta in devices iOS and Android.whatsapp feature

WhatsApp beta testers on iOS and Android can already send self-destructing audio messages, the same way photos and videos are deleted if the 'View Once' feature is enabled.

Function View Eleven on WhatsApp was launched in 2021 and after that WhatsApp banned users from taking screenshots and recordings if they tried to do so in such a message.

So you may no longer be able to record or download these audio messages

This feature is already present in WhatsApp Android beta app v2.23.22.4 and WhatsApp iOS beta app v23.21.1.73.

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