WiFi view the stored codes in Windows

Windows "remembers" every WiFi password you have used. Thus they are automatically reconnected to these networks. 

Below we will see how you can see him saved password any network you have connected to your computer.

Download it NirSoft WirelessKeyView

You can view all saved passwords with built-in command line tools in Windows, but you can get rid of it much more easily with NirSoft's free WirelessKeyView app.

It's a lightweight tool that you do not even need to install to use. Just download the application, open the ZIP file, and then double-click the EXE file it contains. The following is a list of saved network names and passwords associated with Windows.


Some antivirus programs may report that WirelessKeyView is malware. It is a false positive, we have never had problems with NirSoft free services. Unlike many modern Windows programs, they do not even contain adware.

The "Network Name" column displays the WiFi network name (SSID). To find the network password you are interested in, look in the "Key (Ascii)" column.

To back up this information, select File> Save All Items. It will give you a text file containing all the information, and you will be able to transfer it to a new computer.

Command Line splitting codes with the command line


The standard Windows 10 control panel lets you only see the password of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.

If you do not want to use third-party software, you must use command-line tools to discover this information.

To find a Windows password without third-party software, open a command prompt window or a PowerShell window.

To do this, search for the terms cmd or powershell, and open the application you are interested in by clicking on the icon.

Run the following command to see the list of saved network profiles on your system:

netsh wlan show profiles

Search for the network name you need the password for, and then run the following command, replacing "NETWORK" with the name of that network:

netsh wlan show profile name = "ΔΙΚΤΥΟ" key = clear

Look in the "Security Settings" section. The "Key Content" field displays the password of the WiFi network you searched for in plain text.

Repeat this process for each Wi-Fi network stored on your computer and you want to find the password.

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