Windows 10: add an application to the right click

If you use an application too often, you can add it to the right-click box in Windows 10. Below we will see how you can add any application you want to the right-click menu in Windows 10.

You will need to edit the Windows registry, so you need administrator privileges.

Open Registry Editor by searching for regedit. Once the application opens, follow the path below:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shell

Right-click on Shell and, from the menu, select New> Key. Give the new key the same name as the application you want to add to the context menu. If you want to add the Notepad application for example, name the key Notepad. Under this key, you will need to create another key as described above (Create - Key) and name the command.

Then open a Windows folder and go to the folder where the application EXE is located. You must copy the full path to the EXE file for the application you want to add to the right-click menu.Windows 10


Once you have the path, go back to the registry editor and select the command key you created. Double-click on (Default) on the right and paste the path below it with the EXE name.

That's it! Right-click on a folder or an empty part of the desktop and the menu will show the application you just added.


This option will allow you to add a shortcut only to the EXE of the application you are interested in opening (only) in the right-click menu. If you want the application to perform a function, you will encounter many obstacles. First, the application should support adding the feature to the context menu. Second, you need to know how to write the correct code required to call the attribute.

There are applications that make it easy to add or remove applications from the right-click menu, but you will not find applications that allow you to add a specific function to the context menu.

If you decide to try adding specific features, in addition to simply opening the application you are interested in, make sure you have a backup of your Windows registry.


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