Windows 10: the acrylic color is more important than deleting files

After months of developing and testing Windows 10 October 2018 Update, our he came and us leftΑπο Another failure in history of failures of Windows 10.Windows 10

Once again, it turned out that thousands of Microsoft Insiders were not enough to report all Windows problems. This time the problem was important: the update deleted personal files of some users.
So, after 48 hours of the official release of the new release to the public, Microsoft withdrew Windows 10 October 2018 Update to investigate the problem.

As we have mentioned in previous publications, there seems to be a very basic problem in the Windows testing process.
Microsoft is mainly based on Windows Insider to resolve errors in the Windows operating system. So with every new big update, new features are being developed and added, which is then tested by Insiders. Most of the bugs in these new features are typically seen by Windows Insiders and are corrected by Microsoft before releasing the update to the general public.

But because there are problems that only some users affect, the developers of the company seem to be dealing with the bugs that most red flags have. Feedback Hub, is the application used by Windows 10 users and Insiders to report bugs and suggestions to Redmond.

At this point we will report the news: The problem of data deletion had been reported to Microsoft by some Insiders 3 months ago, as reported by Rafael rivera on Twitter.

If you just open the Feedback Hub and look for the term "documents deleted." You will see many reports from Insiders whose files were automatically deleted after the update was installed.

Because these issues are not widespread, most of these Insiders' reports are "covered" by much more "important" ones.

"Make File Explorer look more modern" or "Add Acrylic to File Explorer".

Although the above are valid Insider wishes reports, they often prevent Microsoft from looking at real issues, and this is a key problem with Windows Insider.

Things are getting worse as Microsoft has reduced independent testing a few years ago, and is mainly based on Insiders to test its software.

While everything indicates that the Feedback Hub is not very capable of dealing with issues from millions of users, especially when the same application is primarily used by operating friends who ask for new features and colors. Critical issues are not only buried under the acrylic color of File Explorer but also lead to disasters such as the one they experienced with their files many after installing the new version.

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