Windows 10 Spring Creators Update with Disk Cleanup under Settings

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: Disk Cleanup or Disk Cleanup is a very handy utility that is built into Windows. It can be used to delete temporary files, log files, Recycle Bin files, and previous Windows installations.

The latter mode is extremely useful as it allows you to free up a lot of Gigabytes of disk space after the upgraded Windows updates. Windows retains a copy of the previous version of the system on disk after each upgrade to have the System Restore option in case something goes wrong.

Η Microsoft has released the Disk Cleanup Tool with Windows 7. However, implementation was not as effective as various other third party applications (see CCleaner)

With the upcoming Windows 10 1803, or Spring Creators Update, the system gets another setting that allows immediate use of the Disk Cleanup tool.

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Where to find the app:

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Push the two Win-I keys together to open the Settings app.
On the System - Storage tab, enable "Free up space now" or "Free space now."

The utility will perform a scan and display all of its findings. It works in the same way as Disk Cleanup, but with the difference that the system files from the previous Windows installations are included by default.

Adding the feature to the new Windows configuration table confirms Microsoft's plan to move all the Control Panel items to the Settings app.

The transfer process is still ongoing with the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update and if the company keeps the same pace, it will take at least a decade to transfer all of the Control Panel data στοιχεία

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  1. I appreciate people with humor. Respectively: "… if the company keeps the same pace, it will take at least a decade to transfer all the elements of the Control Panel…" made us happy.

    However, since we are talking about the control panel, on computers that I have win10, I have kept its shortcut on the desktop, since everything is within my field of knowledge and I am not looking for. Settings.

    Maybe it's the age of 50, maybe the habit (which is the second nature of man), maybe my view that the settings are chaotic without being "crumpled" enough. Maybe the graphic environment of the control panel is also to blame since I preferred the rafts and the icons instead of the line drawings of the new "trend" of win.

    Anyway, happy birthday kids, health, strength and fun (as much as possible in what we experience…).

    Many happy returns

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