Windows 11 False alarm: This computer does not meet the requirements

If you have a supported device but still see the "This computer does not meet all system requirements for Windows 11" error on the Windows Update page, you are not alone.

Through Windows Insiders, Microsoft has been testing a new feature that notifies you of Windows 11 compatibility status directly from Windows Update.

angry windows
This message is a simpler alternative to the application PC Health Check and other third-party tools. However, there were some mistakes along the way. The current issue with Windows Update in Windows 10 is the inaccurate reporting of Windows 11 compatibility status.

As shown in the image below, there are users with compatible devices for updates, but Windows 10 incorrectly reports “This computer does not currently meet all system requirements for Windows 11. Get the details and see if there are any things that can be done in the PC Health Check application ”.

windows 11 requirements

The error occurs on computers that qualify for Windows 11 upgrade and does not appear to be widespread. The problem has been reported by users in the Feedback Hub:

PC Health Check says that the computer can run Windows 11. But Windows Update still says that "this computer does not currently meet all system requirements for Windows 11". Restarting and checking for updates does not help.

False reporting prevents Windows 11 from being upgraded to supported hardware, so many choose to download and install the new operating system via Installation Assistant or Windows ISO 11.

For those affected, Microsoft has confirmed that this is a known issue and that the company is investigating.

"We are aware of the problem and are currently working to resolve it."

Windows 11 release requirements

In addition to the new processor and TPM 2.0 requirements, you will also need Windows 10 from 2004 onwards.

In addition, the September cumulative update should be installed.

Before upgrading to Windows 11, make sure you have disable the VBS function to have better performance.

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