Windows 11 installation error 0x8007007f

Microsoft finally released Windows 11, and as with any update, some of the issues that some people face during the installation process could not be missing.

Microsoft has already recognized at least three of these, but there are others that affect a small subset of users.

windows update sux

To download the latest version (21H2) of Windows 11, you can check if it appears in Windows Update. If not, you can use Microsoft's new Windows 11 Installation Assistant to force the new operating system to install.

However, sometimes an error occurs.

Windows 11 does not seem to be able to be installed via the Installation Assistant, displaying the "0x8007007f" error which is too general for anyone to understand. But it seems to be related to Windows 10 UAC for the installer, storage and drivers.

"Error 0x8007007f continues to occur in approximately 71% of installations", he says a Reddit user. “The Installation Assistant failed with error code 0x8007007F. The Media Creation Tool has stopped working ", says another user, describing the upgrade process.

In addition to Reddit, there are similar reports on Twitter.

How To Fix Error 0x8007007f

Windows 11 0x8007007f error occurs when users download and run Installation Assistant on supported hardware.


For most users, restarting the Installation Assistant with administrator privileges will resolve the error and allow the tool to download and install the update.

At the same time, the error message may be related to the installation of some drivers.

To correct error 0x8007007, you can restart the device or restart the installation process. You can also manually install the new drivers from the manufacturer's website.

A faster solution can also be a simple one download Windows 11 ISO, install it in File Explorer and run setup.exe.

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