Delete enough GB after installing Office 2016

Microsoft has recently released Microsoft Office 2016. The application uses App-V / Click To Run.

So after installing it, many users experience a free disk space problem as the new Office uses enough GB to install office 2016

If you have the same problem, just follow the instructions below.

We'll describe how you can free up disk space after you install Office 2016 Click To Run (CTR).

The problem is caused by Office 2016 Click To Run (CTR), which downloads a large amount of updates, e.g. about 1GB per update, without deleting the files after the installation is complete.

To free disk space after installing the Office 2016 Click To Run (CTR), do the following:

In File Explorer, open the following folder:

C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ ClickToRun

There, you will find all the files that were created recently (in the last few months). Keep the UserData, MachineData, and DeploymentConfig files.


Delete all the rests that are too old and may have been replaced by newer updates.

This will help you free up enough GBs on your disk.

Note that you should use your judgment to clean this file.

Create a backup if it is required by the files you are deleting or simply move them to see if Office 2016 is running correctly. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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