Released the new WordPress 4.1 Dinah

The latest version of WordPress is here as a gift before Christmas. Version WordPress 4.1, named "Dinah" in honor of jazz singer Dinah Washington, brings several new features and a new theme.WordPress 4.1

Every year, WordPress releases a new theme and this year faithfully followed the tradition. The new theme is Twenty Fifteen and is quite appealing. It comes with WordPress by default and uses Google's Noto Web font.

4.1's release also includes a new way of writing that does not distract, according to developers and conceals WordPress's clutter to help you focus on what your blog is writing.

There are a lot of smaller new features like Vine embeds, more languages, the ability to log out of everywhere and a whole host of improvements for developers.

WordPress users can download the update from the official website or install it from their dashboard.

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