WordPress what you need to do to get your own blog

Want to get your own WordPress blog but do not know where to start? Is there anything you like and do not bother to deal with with hours?

With a blog, you can share your thoughts or photos, and once you are online, you will get to know more online with common interests. You can use a blog for your job, your hobby, for information, for some other activity, or just for your personal concerns.
Below you will find a complete guide on how to start a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge.

For history WordPress is a free and open source blogging software and publishing platform written in PHP and MySQL. It is often modified for use as a Content Management System (CMS). It has many features, including an architecture for additional features, and a template system. WordPress is used on more than 14% of the largest 1.000.000 sites. It was first released on 27 May 2003, by Matt Mullenweg as a variation of b2 / cafelog. Since February of 2011, 3.0 has downloaded more than 32,5 millions of times.

Before we get started, we have to move the difference between and

The person concerned has to download the wordpress web software to have full control over his data.

  • It can use plugins and themes for free or for a fee.
  • He can put ads on his site
  • > Is responsible for any updates and backups.
  • is completely free for all users has the following packages: free, Premium and Bussiness.

  • The free version of (without needing a domain or hosting package is only available with subdomains, ie
  • The free space available is up to the 3 GB. To use more space, upgrade to a Premium or Bussiness billable package.
  • The user does not need to install WorPress, hosted on the server hosting the hosting company.
  • There is no support for themes and plugins in any package other than Bussiness.
  • Updates and backups are made by WordPress and not by the user.
  • The service offers minimal configurations for SEO.

To create a free blog on open the link

What do you need to start a blog with WordPress?

Below we will see what you need to start a decent blog that looks like a regular site rather than a WordPress subdomain. The solution with a hosting package, and your own domain gives you more management capabilities. There are three things you need to start such a blog:

  • A name for your domain, e.g.
  • A web hosting account to upload your website online
  • Your attention for the next few minutes.

We will start by choosing a wordpress hosting provider. You need to choose the right web hosting company for wordpress. There are many companies that offer hosting services but do not have optimized servers to host WordPress without any problems.

We at, which is in wordpress, use the company WPEgine to host our site. The company offers security and optimized servers for hospitality that inspires confidence.

But its packages are somewhat bumpy especially if your page is expected to have high traffic. Here we will talk about Managed Hosting, specifically Managed WorPress Hosting.

Managed Hosting will solve your hands. Automatically updates core, themes, and plugins. Your site has the maximum performance due to the specially configured infrastructure. Managed Hosting infrastructures typically use the Cloud that is always better than simple hosting.
The site protects 24 / 7 from any size or duration of DDOS attacks, and there is specialized Support for whatever it takes.
There is a Restore service that will help you restore your site within a few seconds of an Auto Backup with one click.

I can install Worrdpress with 1 click by paying 5 € per month. Why Pay More for a Managed Worrdpress Hosting Package?

Plesk is usually installed on a single server and may be enough for someone who is interested in a cheaper solution. But if you are more interested in your dedication to your ideas rather than site management and headache that can cause security blanks, forgotten WorPress upgrades, plugins updates, and more, then you need a Managed service.

What I choose

So according to the above with a Google search for Managed Hosting Wordpress you will find several services at very reasonable prices. Before choosing, search and read the reviews you will find.

Usually hosting providers also offer domains. In case you do not know what to do with the domain name you want, it would be good to buy it from the same company where you bought the hosting package. Support will help you with DNS settings. If you search patiently, you will find hosting services that offer domain names for free.

Let's mention once again: If you find some amazing offer, before you select it, search and read all the reviews you find.

Immediately after you have acquired a Managed Hosting Worrdpress package, you can play with the environment, upload your own personal logo, and of course start sharing your ideas.



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