WWW or WWW which is best for SEO

What is the difference between pages using www and those who do not use it? In iGuRu.gr you will not see the www prefix in the website URL? Why; What's Best for SEO? Do you need to change the URL of your page?

Below we will see all the answers for the above questions in detail.WWW

Before we start: for an average user and a small business owner, there is absolutely no difference in the addresses between www and non-www. The difference is purely technical and basically does not matter.

Yes there is a technical difference between the two that we will cover later in the article, but for most people it shouldn't matter so much as there are no SEO benefits of choosing one address or the other. Even Google says it all depends on your preference.

What is important and we should mention is that the URL you chose at the beginning of your page should not change it. In other words, DO NOT change your website URL to add or remove the World Wide Web prefix.

You can tell Google about your personal preference from your Google Webmaster Tools account.

With a click on the sprocket, you can tell Google what is the preferred URL.

If you have not added your site to Google Webmaster Tools, you must do so by following the instructions in the following link:

At iGuRu.gr we do not use www from personal preference. Usually we do not use www because we do not really need it. Below we mention the technical difference between WWW use and non-use

When you add www. in front of a page, works as a host name that can offer more flexibility to DNS, the ability to restrict cookies to multiple subdomains, and more. Domains that do not use the prefix are also referred to as naked domains do not have these technical advantages.

For more technical details, you can to read here.


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