Android apps refuse to uninstall

Android mobile apps with over 700.000 installations use a new trick to avoid being completely removed.


Three Android apps, published on the Google Play Store and used to show spam, have been found to employ a clever technique to prevent user uninstallation.

According to ESET security researcher Lukas Stefanko, these applications are Super Camera Lite, Excellent Camera, and Ideal Camera have over 700.000 facilities in the Play Store.

Once one of the above applications is installed on an Android device, the system automatically creates an icon to launch it. However, after the first run, the main icon of the application is deleted and a second one is created only by selecting "Remove" the application and not uninstalling it.

This method is designed to deceive users to believe they uninstall the app from their device while in fact it stays on the device and continues to display unwanted ads because only the second icon is deleted.

Stefanko also found a second list of applications based on the same method, which once again aims to make spam with advertisements to users. All applications are photo or camera processors, with normal functionality, explains the security researcher.

Recommended for users always read the comments before downloading and installing an app from the Google Play Store. Removing an app should either be done from the Google Play Store or app settings from the phone and not by tapping the removal option that appears when you hold down its icon on the home screen.

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