Do you really need security software on your devices?

Many manufacturers of computers and smartphones claim that their devices do not need antivirus.

This is not entirely true, as built-in protection is not always enough. This article will analyze the level of protection of popular gadgets and decide if you need to install an additional antivirus application on them.

Do you really need security software on your devices?


Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center comes with all Microsoft devices. It's not an antivirus program, but it is not a powerful substitute for it. If you do not install extra antivirus software on your computer, the Microsoft program will start automatically. However, if you enable a complete antivirus, the program will remain idle.

It protects you from certain viruses and malware, and has a firewall. It also prevents unauthorized changes to files in specific folders (this feature is disabled by default, so you must enable it manually). However, its effectiveness against phishing attacks is, for example, unacceptably low and only works in the Microsoft browser. If you prefer Firefox or Google Chrome, you will be left unprotected.

Google Play Protect

Anyone can upload almost any content to Google Play, as there is no control process. Once Google detects any malware in the Google Play Store, it deletes it, however, it still takes time for Google to detect any. Therefore, it is possible to download a malware application, especially if you allow your smartphone to automatically download any additional applications it needs.

After downloading the malware, it should be detected by the built-in Google Play Protect antivirus on your smartphone. But this antivirus makes mistakes very often. Sometimes it will not detect malware, sometimes it may pass a secure application for a malware.

AV-Comparatives did an experiment with Google Play Protect and 10 third-party solutions. They all had to deal with thousands of samples of Android malware and either eliminate them or quarantine them. 500 safe applications were also added to the selection to control the virus response.

With secure apps, Play Protect made the wrong decisions 28 times in 500 apps. With malware, it turned out to be correct in 83% of all cases. All other antiviruses in the experiment provided at least a 99,9% protection rate.

The Maximum Security ήταν αυτό που κέρδισε το ποσοστό προστασίας με 100% επιτυχία. Το σύνολο των χαρακτηριστικών του είναι πολύ ευρύτερο για Windows και Android, αλλά ακόμη και για macOS και iOS, η προστασία του υπερβαίνει το βασικό φάσμα των ιών που υπάρχουν ελεύθερα στο διαδιίκτυο.


MacOS is more secure than Windows. There is no separate application installation and you can only install applications from the AppStore.

In the AppStore, there is a strict control process, so it is almost impossible to upload malware. Once you download any application to your macOS, Gatekeeper checks it again for security. Additionally, Gatekeeper will check the application again on each boot if you are using macOS Catalina. Each application must obtain permission from Catalina if it wants to access a critical area.

MacOS will not allow one program to modify another. This is exactly what viruses do, they are useless without any modification. Also, macOS will not allow a program to access your browser memory, so a Bank Trojan will not be able to steal your data. All applications are separate and the operating system itself is isolated from all programs. T2 chips are integrated into newer Mac devices to create secure pockets in their memory. Only processes that are part of macOS can access these pockets.

Unfortunately, hackers are starting to target Macs more often now because the market share of these computers is growing steadily. There have already been cases where some malicious programs managed to bypass Gatekeeper using a certificate that belonged to another program. Malwarebytes experts warn Mac owners: in 2019, the number of macOS attacks increased by 400%.

MacKeeper is one of the applications recommended by security experts for installation for both professional and private use. Contains an antivirus program as well as an ad cleaning program and effectively blocks malware or espionage attacks. Your personal data will be secure thanks to the multi-level protection


When developers started working on iOS, they relied on their vast experience working with macOS devices. The first version of iOS was already extremely well protected and continued to evolve. Today, your iPhone has such an advanced level of protection that you do not even have to run an antivirus on it. However, iOS is not invulnerable from malware. There may be some unwanted elements in this, but you will not be able to recognize them and they will not hurt you.

You may have heard of some solutions that are said to allow partial jailbreak access to any iPhone. Do not be afraid, as it is impossible to jailbreak a locked smartphone. A malicious user will need to connect your iPhone to a computer to jailbreak it. Additionally, the effect will disappear after the phone is restarted.


Every smartphone is better protected from viruses than an average computer. Smartphones are built on UNIX-based systems, so a virus cannot target them in the same way as Windows. Due to the "sandbox" design, the application level of an Android smartphone is separated from the system, which creates barriers for a virus. If you download a malicious application, you have to start it yourself. Otherwise, it will not damage your device.

The paradox is that the most dangerous applications for installation on a smartphone are antivirus. Hackers often disguise malware as antivirus, so avoid downloading unknown applications from third-party sites.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can be an effective and reliable option for your gadget. It will not only block the malware, but it will scan all the applications and warn you if there is a possible danger. It will also alert you to suspicious sites and make your browsing secure. You can download Kaspersky Internet Security on Google Play for free.


So far, iOS serves as the best example of a secure, well-protected operating system. Hopefully this will not change in the coming years. At the same time, no computer on the market has 100% reliable built-in protection against viruses and malware. Some solutions may be more effective in fighting viruses, such as macOS for example. Others offer impressive results and should not be used as the only level of protection, such as Google Play Protect.

Regardless of the computer or operating system you are using, it is a good idea to install a proven antivirus program and keep it up to date. There are many solutions available for a reasonable price that will keep your personal data safe and your user experience flawless. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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