elementary OS 5.1.4 for those who are unhappy with Windows

Cassidy James Blaede has announced the release of elementary OS in version 5.1.4. It is the latest update to the project that develops a novice Linux distribution with a custom desktop called Pantheon.

The distribution uses Ubuntu as a base. This means that all the drivers needed by the hardware you are using will be installed automatically.


This version updates (and renames) the parental control application and improves the application menu:

"Since our participation in last year's hackfest Metered Data and Parental Controls, we have started to improve the operation of Parental Control. We focus on digital convenience, and decided to rename it something simpler "Screen Time & Limits" or Screen Time & Limits. But it is not just a renaming. The Screen Time & Limits feature is now available on your account as well as other accounts other than the administrator on the device.

This way you can set your own rules for how much time you spend on the screen, Internet access and usage of your system applications. As a result of updating this feature, Screen Time & Limits has become much more reliable than before.

If you had problems with Parental Control on previous version of elementary OS, try Screen Time & Limits from your System Settings and let us know what you think. ”

Read it detailed announcement of the new release for more information

Download the updated ISO

elementaryοs-5.1-stable.20200204.iso (1.414MB).

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