Lack of Multi-Cloud Management Skills

Η Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a provider of cyber security solutions worldwide, published the report 2022 Cloud Security Report for Cloud Security.

As organizations continue to adopt the cloud, with 35% running more than 50% of its workload on platforms such as Azure, AWS and GCP, they are struggling to manage the security complexity of their infrastructure across multiple platforms. cloud, while at the same time suffering from a lack of skills and knowledge related to cyberspace.clouds

The global report, which is based on a survey of 775 cybersecurity professionals, also found that cloud security incidents increased by 10% year-on-year, with 27% of organizations now citing the wrong configuration, much more than issues such as data reporting or breach of accounts.

Organizations are finding it difficult to integrate security into the DevOps cycle, exacerbated by the skills shortage seen in 45% of companies. Only 16% of respondents said they have a complete DevSecOps and 37% have just started implementing DevSecOps in the cloud application development process.

While cost savings and ease of use were the primary reasons for the cloud vendor security solution, there is a growing finding that the complexity of managing three or four different security platforms favors an independent cloud security solution for streamlining its security. cloud platforms.

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In fact, 54% of respondents thought that an independent security provider would be better suited to their needs than a cloud platform provider. A key factor in deciding between the native cloud and a third-party security provider was the potential reduction in complexity provided by a complete solution, which was reported by 56% of respondents.

In addition to the complexity of security in a multi-cloud environment, respondents rated data protection and privacy for each environment at 57%, having the right skills to develop and manage an integrated solution in all cloud environments in the 56% and understanding of service integration options at 50%.

There is also a growing need to develop cloud application protection, with an 11% increase over the last year and a ranking of 3η focus position, as reported by 53% of the survey sample. According to the report, 57% of respondents say they expect to complete more than half of their cloud workload over the next 12 to 18 months, and about 76% of them use two or more cloud providers.

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As the transition to the cloud accelerates, the ability to streamline security on it becomes vital, as 75% of organizations advocate for a single integrated security platform with a single control panel, where they can formulate all the data protection policies needed. in the cloud. Currently, 80% must operate three or more separate security solutions dashboards to form the corporate cloud footprint.

TJ Gonen, VP of Cloud Security at Check Point, commented:

"It's clear from this independent research that security teams find increased cloud reliance a small challenge. Faced with a lack of skills, organizations must do what they can to simplify security management in it. A complete third-party solution that covers all cloud platforms with a single management dashboard would greatly relieve stress and reduce the risk of more and more common misconceptions, while reducing the workload and providing a secure environment for the development, organization and management of cloud applications. That was the main motivation for Check Point to develop the CloudGuard cloud security suite. "


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