Facebook - Washington new transparency issues

Again transparency issues with Facebook. The New York Times revealed that when Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg testified before Congress they did not tell the truth about Russia's misinformation campaigns, although they knew it.

After Revelation The New York Times, which cited leaks from the company's internal meetings, seems to find it much harder for Facebook to convince Capitol Hill with the usual "everything is fine".

The harshest reaction came from Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who said the story was "a reminder that we can no longer trust big tech companies."

"Yesterday we learned that when Mark Zuckerberg told the American people that the Russian intervention was a 'very crazy affair', he knew it was completely untrue," Blumenthal said.

Instead of taking responsibility, Facebook executives for months have tried to conceal important information to prevent criticism. Even worse, Facebook hired toxic politicians who tried to mislead the audience and the company's critics.

Mark Warner, a Facebook critic (also a Democrat), said:

The story of the New York Times strengthens the fact that, despite ongoing pressure from the Senate Information Committee's bilateral investigation, we are still in the dark about the extent of Russian activity on Facebook during the 2016 elections.

Ben Sasse, a Republican at the Senate Justice Committee, who questioned Mark Zuckerberg during his visit to Capitol Hill, said after the revelation:

Instead of turning this into another debate on 2016's election, Silicon Valley and Washington will have to work to counter the real threat. Facebook should stop treating the event as a public relations crisis and Washington should stop treating it as a chance to be seen because it is a real threat to national security.

What will happen now?

If we learn from history, Facebook will continue to function as it did, and Washington will continue with the talks in Congress. In the end, things will change a little.


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