GitHub Microsoft approval of the European Commission

The European Commission has officially approved the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft, saying there is no sign that the latter will "undermine the open nature" of the service.

Microsoft earlier announced 2018 that it would buy GitHub for 7,5 billions of dollars and promised to let the company work independently.GitHub

Of course, there have been too many concerns about Microsoft's participation in GitHub and some developers have decided to abandon the service by transferring their projects to alternative platforms.
However, Microsoft underlined and GitHub and itself will evolve together without affecting the platform's culture but making changes that will improve the existing approach.

The EU has found that the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft will not affect its competitors, so it can take place. The press release he says:

The European Commission has approved, on the basis of the EU regulation, the proposed acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft. The Commission concluded that effective competition would continue in the relevant markets and that Microsoft is not motivated to undermine the openness of the GitHub platform.

The market investigation has confirmed that Microsoft will not have the necessary power in the market to undermine the openness of GitHub at the expense of the corresponding DevOps competing tools and cloud services. This is because such behavior would reduce the value of GitHub for developers who are willing and able to switch to other platforms.

Microsoft is today the largest partner of GitHub among the other major technology companies that also use the service. These include Apple and Google. Google even asked Microsoft to maintain the GitHub culture and not to implement controversial changes.


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