Hacked the forum of the software company IOBit

The IOBit forum was breached over the weekend. The purpose of the hack was to distribute DeroHE ransomware to forum visitors.

I'm not sure if there are people who are influenced by the readers of iGuRu.gr, as IOBit is not (at least for me) and such a remarkable company.

This is because IOBit offers tools for cleaning and optimizing systems with Windows, registry cleaners, or malware cleaners. That is, Windows tools, which are usually unnecessary, and in some cases even harmful.

But there are also users who love IOBit tools.

So over the weekend, IOBit forum users received a supposedly special email. Forum members received emails claiming to be from IObit. The emails offered free 1 year licenses for their software as a special privilege for their participation in the forum. Of course the emails were bait.
Anyone who clicked the Download Now button from the supposed IOBit message was automatically redirected to:

hxxps: //forums.iobit.com/promo.html

From the above address the victims could download free-iobit-license-promo.zip.

The zip contained digitally signed files of the legal IObit License Manager program. However, the intruders had replaced the IObitUnlocker.dll file with a signed malicious application. Virustotal recognized her as a trojan. This file then downloaded the DeroHE ransomware to the victim's computer.

A few hours later, the victims' system was encrypted with ransomware DeroHE and displayed a nice alert that required 200 Crypto-Coins (about US $ 100) to decrypt. Bleeping Computer analyzed the malware a little more and describes it better its mode of operation.

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