Internet 2019 broke the April morning

April Fools' Fun was once before the Internet. It is a day full of pranks online that crunch like press releases. They are usually fun and other times they can even turn malicious. Microsoft this year announced that he is not going to publish a hoax, let's see who else will follow her.


April Fool's Day seems to get worse every year. And this is not something we just think. The way the Internet works - and the way tech news companies approach the world on April Fool's Day is different, and it has nothing to do with what used to happen.

BBC's famous BBC hacker 1957, which announced that they are making pasta from trees, certainly did not manage to trick some, but it was funny. With little knowledge or research, you could discover that this is not possible.

The spaghetti published by the BBC on April 57 was not released again and again by thousands of other stations, as opposed to the internet, where you can find the same news in hundreds of pages a few seconds after its original publication.

The Internet is different. Technology companies are often "announcing" products that could really be, but are not, due to April Fools.

Of course, to make things more confusing, their crazy announcements that day may be real. Gmail announced the new service on April 2004 and many have not believed that Google can offer 1 GB storage to new emails.

Hotmail only provided 2 MB (0,2% of Gmail's storage) at that time. So if Google publishes a self-riding bicycle, there may be victims.

But we are not just talking about misleading stories. Some pranks block people and cause problems. Google's prank "small dropIn 2016 reported that the company added a button to Gmail that archived the current email, turned it off and sent a Minion GIF. Many people accidentally clicked this button, but Gmail itself ran the feature randomly even if you did not! So suddenly Gmail turned off incoming messages and no one could see the answers. Was that a joke?

After that, at least one company received the message. Microsoft announced last week via Chris Capossela that it is banning this year's employees from April Fools' Pride.

I believe that many may have devoted time and resources to these plates, but I think we have more to lose than to win by trying to be fun this day.

Let's say that Microsoft has a leading role on the Internet and its decision may affect others. But let's remind you that the company has been faithfully following the tradition of Protopril. For example, 2014 has announced the return of Clippy to Microsoft Office Web applications.

The big problem with this day is that it does not change anything from the past. Lately, we have a continual April Fool with fake news that flood our news feeds. The internet in the meantime gives every bitter person the chance to play crackdown on his friends by relaying an incredible news that happens to be fake.

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