KB5035942 fixes the performance broken by KB5035853

Windows 5035942 KB11 is available as an optional cumulative update. Includes performance fixes, especially for AMD computers. As always, you can download it from Windows Update.

If you still can't the company has released it as an .msu file in the Product Update.

KB5035942 (Build 22631.3374) is a large update and will take more time to download, install, and restart for the changes to take effect. This update fixes performance issues caused by Windows 11 March 2024 Update  on AMD systems (BSOD and other nice things).

latest windows update problems

But because we are talking about Microsoft, it's good to remember that this is an optional update, so it may cause other problems.

Download the update

Windows 11 KB5035942 Download: 64-bit | 23H2, 22H2.

Installing the March 26 optional update brings 23H2 build systems to Build 22631.3374, and enables many of Windows 11 Moment 5 by default.

This means that if you have never installed a Moment 5 update, you will notice the ability to uninstall Microsoft Edge in Europe.

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