Microsoft Edge 96: pity come bloatware

It is known that Microsoft uses bloatware, and if you doubt it, take a look at the following image of Windows 10.

bloated start png

Microsoft Edge does not appear to contain bloatware at this time but that is about to change.

The latest addition to the Edge is the integration of a "Buy now, pay later" or "BNPL" application from Buy now, pay later. For those who do not know, this service is offered by some e-commerce companies such as Target and Wallmark. It basically allows users to make purchases from $ 35 to $ 1.000 via Microsoft Edge and then split the payment into 4 installments over 6 weeks.

So Edge users will be able to make online payments in installments (which may be interest free). Microsoft integrates BNPL with Edge Address Bar and it will appear automatically if you try to make payments. In a way, the new feature of Edge will encourage users to buy more everyday items than they would otherwise.

screenshot 2021 11 25 07 21 20

As expected, users have expressed dissatisfaction with the integration, reporting to the company the negative effects of the new feature.

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An Edge user Reported"It's amazing how fast you can throw away years of hard work and goodwill with a ridiculous feature like this. "Even Bing features are becoming very aggressive."

"It's a terrible idea. Please cancel this project. Make your browser worse but also the life of anyone who uses this feature worse ", says another user in the forums.

Many users have also expressed dissatisfaction with other unwanted features added to Microsoft Edge, with one saying: “We just want a consistent, trusted browser with fewer distracting features. "Even Bing features are becoming very aggressive."

Recall that Microsoft Edge 96 was recently released for Windows and macOS devices. For example, the stable version of Edge 96 comes with a number of consumer-friendly features, including the integration of Microsoft Office for opening documents in the browser.

Unfortunately, Edge 96 is the first version of the browser with BNPL integration although not currently enabled. This will happen in the coming days.

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