Microsoft finishes licensing Windows at Huawei

After removing Huawei products from its online stores, Microsoft ceases to provide the company with Windows licenses, according to a Publication of SCMP. This means that the Chinese company will no longer be able to release new products running this operating system.

Microsoft Huawei

According to a government order signed by President Trump earlier this month, Huawei is not allowed to use products developed by US companies, which include both Android and Windows.

Google has already revoked Huawei access in Android licenses and now Microsoft seems to be doing the same for Windows.

For those unfamiliar, Huawei uses Windows to build laptops.

The company as we mentioned in an earlier post, is said to be developing its own operating system codenamed Hongmeng. Huawei operating system should act as a platform for all uses, and will replace Android and Windows on mobile devices and computers.

Huawei, meanwhile, will continue to have updates for Windows devices already on the market. The same goes for smartphones and tablets that use Android.




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