Patch Tuesday July security updates for Windows 10

Microsoft has released new cumulative updates for Windows 10 as part of the Patch Tuesday July July 2020.

The updates fix security vulnerabilities so it would be good to apply them to your system.

All versions of Windows 10 can be updated, although older versions are only supported as part of the LTSC industry (feature updates that no longer serve consumers but are still supported by SKU Education or Enterprise).

The following updates are included in the Patch Tuesday July July 2020:

The 2004 version of Windows 10 will receive a series of fixes that include issues with the OneDrive application. Microsoft states in its release notes:

“It faces a problem that can prevent you from connect to OneDrive. This issue occurs on some older devices or on devices that have older applications that use older drivers. As a result, this may prevent these devices from downloading new files or opening previously synced or downloaded files. ”

The full release notes for each update are available on the pages listed above.

So far we do not know of any problems with these cumulative updates, but we will continue to monitor the availability and keep you informed. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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