VLC Media Player because it appears malicious in Bing?

The download site of VLC Media Player's popular VideoLan.org displays a warning to Bing when users place the cursor over it.

The warning states that the site could be dangerous and could lead to "malware that could damage your device".VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a very popular free open source program that can be used on almost any video format. The specific behavior of Bing pointed out yesterday VideoLan's Twitter account.

Of course VideoLan and its software to date have not presented any such problem. However Bing actually displays a pop-up window stating that the site is dangerous and contains malware. The Bing Security page also reports on videolan.org that the site is showing "signs of malicious activity".

If but try the URL in VirusTotal, you will see that none of the 62 security companies seem to detect it as malicious. It is therefore surprising that the Bing search engine crawls the page as malicious.
However, this warning is not new and appears for at least 3 months according to one Publication on Reddit.

But why;

VLC is popular with malware distributors because it is used by too many users.

A common tactic used by malware distributors is to repackage some popular open source software, such as VLC, to add malware.
For example, adware programs repackage VLC installer to add unwanted software, adware, extensions, and trojans.

VLC is also used by secret services to distribute malware such as FinFisher. For example VLC was used in CIA Vault 7 Cyber ​​Toolkit called "Fine Dining." The software "arms" popular espionage applications. VLC Media Player was one of the applications allegedly used by the CIA.

Other popular applications reportedly used by the CIA are:

Irfan View
Chrome Portable
Opera Portable
Firefox Portable
ClamWin Portable
Kaspersky TDSS Killer Portable
McAfee Stinger Portable
Sophos Virus Removal
Thunderbird Portable
Opera Mail
Foxit Reader
Libre Office Portable
Babel Pad
Notepad + +
Iperius Backup
Sandisk Secure Access
U3 Software
7-Zip Portable
Portable Linux CMD Prompt

Note that the above assumptions may be completely irrelevant to the reason why the Microsoft search engine appears to be malicious. Normally there should be some official announcement from the company.


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