Windows 10 account creation without an administrator account

To create a new user account at 10, you must be logged in to an administrator account or a regular user account with administrator privileges.

However, sometimes you may not be able to log in to Windows 10 with any of your accounts at all. You may have forgotten your password or you may want to hack into your boyfriend or girlfriend's computer.

Below we will see how you can still create an administrator account even without having a Windows 10 account.

Since you don't have in any user account, you cannot open the “Line ” στα Windοws 10. Έτσι αρχικά θα πρέπει να δούμε πως μπορείτε να έχετε πρόσβαση στην system commands. You should have a Windows 10 installation DVD or USB with you.

Start your computer from the installation disk or USB.

Tips & Warnings If you do not have a DVD / USB installation download one Windows 10 ISO to create one.

Όταν δείτε την οθόνη του Windows Setup, πατήστε Shift+F10 για να ανοίξετε ένα παράθυρο διαλόγου .exe. Then run the following three commands

Replace the utilman.exe file with the cmd.exe file


move e: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe e: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe.bak

and press Enter to make a copy of the utilman.exe file.


copy e: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe e: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe

and press Enter to replace the utilman.exe file with the cmd.exe file.


wpeutil reboot

and press Enter and disconnect the Windows 10 disc from the computer to restart Windows 10.

Tip: Replace the e: \ with the letter of the disk that contains your system.

When Windows 10 starts you will see the screen ς. Κάντε κλικ στο Ease of Access you see below.

Windows 10

This will open a Command Prompt dialog box because you have replaced the Utilman.exe file with the cmd.exe file.

Then run the following commands to create a new administrator account in Windows 10.


net user / add pa55

and press Enter to create a new user account (iguru) with a password (pa55). Change the name and password in the above command to what you want.


net localgroup administrators iguru / add

and press Enter to add the user account you created to the Windows 10 Administrators group.

To restore the utilman.exe file, restart your PC from the Windows 10 drive, press Shift + F10 to open the command prompt, and run the following command:

copy e: \ utilman.exe e: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe

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