Windows 10 new icons after 10 years

Windows 10 will soon get new icons in addition to light theme that is already developing Microsoft for the 19H1 update.

The company from Redmond has reportedly leaked a teaser that gives us a first impression of what the upcoming icons might look like. Windows 10

The teaser came right after the announcement of the new Office icons we mentioned in previous publication, and shows us the purpose of the company to present something more complete in the appearance of its software.

As part of this facelift, Microsoft provided some screenshots showing new icons. Among them, there is a photo that shows the Windows 10 desktop, with new icons for Mail, photos, news and more.

Click to enlarge

It should be noted that these are early versions of the new icons and that Microsoft is still experimenting.

The next big update of Windows 10 is expected to be released in the spring of 2019 and is currently being tested by those registered in the program Windows Insider. Windows fans will be delighted with the upcoming change, as the operating system still displays icons that have not been updated for more than a decade.


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