Windows 11 plays almost everywhere!

Who said Windows 11 has minimal requirements to work? Microsoft? Funny. Windows 11 plays everywhere.

windows 11 insider dev

The beginning was made with a 10-year-old computer, miles away from the minimum specifications of Microsoft. We got in iguru a 10 year old computer, 64 bit architecture, with Intel Core 2 Quard processor, 8 GB Ram, with BIOS (for UEFI or for fun), we did not have TPM or mentally and with Windows 10, latest version.

Of course we do not discuss what PC Health Check showed us. You mean he mentioned that the computer does not qualify for Windows 11. And WhyNotWin11 we would say it was more red than green.


So we set up a VirtualBox on it, and installed a Windows 10 64-bit Pro, without activating it. We connected with an email with Microsoft and subscribed to the Insders DEV channel. If our computer is "crap" imagine what is the virtual machine we made. We gave him only 2 GB of RAM, a single processor and 128MB of graphics memory.

And we waited playing with Windows Update !!. Of course he told us that he did not meet the specifications for Windows 11 but… miraculously started downloading them.

windows 11 insider 1

And after downloading Windows 11, already installed them. It seems to be the oldest computer in the world currently running Windows 11.

windows 11 insider dev

So in terms of functionality, Windows 11 plays fine on machines that are currently running Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP (after all, our computer started with Windows XP). It is not a matter of CPU, nor TPM, nor anything else. It is up to Microsoft to release the installation feature.

But if things remain as they are so far, in the first fixed Windows 11 that will be released we will all find ourselves playing with the registry to install them.



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