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Urgent update of 0day on Twitter by third parties

Urgent update of 0day on Twitter by third parties

0Day Solution Posted on Twitter: In an earlier post we mentioned a Windows 10 vulnerability that was released on Twitter. We also mentioned that we should wait for Microsoft to release the scheduled Patch Tuesday on September 11 to fix the security issue.

However, it seems to some that others consider it more serious to immediately fix safety issues. Developers of 0patch released a solution that fixes the problem.0day - Urgent update for Twitter 0day by third parties

The fix is ​​now available for Windows 10 April 2018 Update (build 1803) on 64-bit and anyone can download it for free.

"Okay people, 24 hours after the release of 0Day, we have a micropatch for SandboxEscaper LPE in Task Scheduler. As you can see, access to the user-controlled hardlink knows the user and reports DENIED ", their official account stated in  Twitter.

Mention that this is a security update from third parties. So if you are wondering what will happen when Microsoft finally releases its own patch next month, there is no need to worry.

According to 0patch, users will be able to install updates as it does every month without the need for a teak.

Those who are interested in the patch can download it from the linkQ below



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