CSV contacts Convert to VCF and vice versa

CSV to VCF and vice versa: Good contact applications make it easy to import or export contacts from other applications, services, and devices. This usually happens through special CSV or VCF files.


VCF files are the most commonly used format for importing or exporting contacts. CSV is less common. Below we will see what you can do if contacts are saved to a CSV file and you need to convert them to VCF to import to another device or service.

Google Contacts is one of those services that supports CSV files as well as VCF files for importing and exporting contacts. This is how we will use the Google Contacts application to convert CSV to VCF.

Preparing the CSV

Make sure the CSV file has the correct headers for reading it from the Google Contacts app. If you are not sure about the headers you need, open the Google Contacts app and create a virtual contact. Use the Export option to export it as a CSV file.
Open the CSV file and note the headers that have been used. Make sure your CSV file has the same headers.

Convert CSV to VCF

In practice Google contacts and click More.

Select the Import option and from the dialog that opens select the CSV file you want to convert to VCF.

After the file is imported and contacts appear in the Google Contacts app, select them all. Click the More button again and select Export. This time, select the VCF format to export the file.

You can use Google Contacts to convert a csn file to VCF or vice versa. However, checking VCF files can be a bit tricky to make sure they are formatted correctly.

If you created a VCF file and you can not get it into the application or service you are interested in, something you did not do well in the headers.

Let's give an example to the headers in the VCF:

EMAIL;TYPE=INTERNET:[email protected]

According to the example above, the file you want to convert should have the Profession, Organization / Company headers, and of course the email or phone.

It is also worth noting that although the Google Contacts application can convert trusted csn or vcf files or vice versa, the application or service to which you want to import your contacts should support all the fields in the file. If the application does not support a specific field, the information contained therein will not be entered.

You can, however, pass the information from some fields to different ones only in order to continue to access them.

The above conversions can also be made to Exel, but it is more difficult for beginners.




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