MSC17_dataCenter Microsoft Contact: Stephen Smith (stepsmit) Agency: Cinco Design Agency Contact: Kate Callahan ( Photographer: Amy Sacka ( Shoot month: March 2017 Location: Portland, OR Business: LinkedIn Datacenter

Datacenters and parameters without hay

Starting, first of all, I want to thank the present space that hosts me.

For my part, what I intend to quote in every text that will be posted here, ehi thinking but also learning. Not specialized topics that its agents anyway they do it completely for a number of years, but simple, everyday ones that either torture, trouble or delight many of our fellow citizens.

So today I would like to address the issue of datacenters which will create the Microsoft in GREECE. Investment which, according to the media (see ERT) is estimated to be an investment of several hundred million euro. According to some media, the investment will amount to about € 400 million.

MSC17_dataCenter Microsoft Contact: Stephen Smith (stepsmit) Agency: Five
Agency Contact: Kate Callahan ( Photographer: Amy Sacka (
Shoot month: March 2017 Location: Portland, OR Business: LinkedIn Datacenter

Let's see first of all what exotic referables are date .

Ως data centers are defined the arrays of computers that operate either being connected to each other in networks and by extension to their client, or being as autonomous arrays (if the client is state or government structures or business giants that require extreme security in their data).

In both cases, their computers data centers leased by companies, governments, etc., are networked with their customers, through the Internet or from leased lines, because customers either want extra security or extra space secure storage of their data.

It is clarified that, each series Rack and each array of their computers data centers, consists of computers not every one of them has a screen in the upcoming years, while works as server data of a customer, being connected to him (with the customer), as we said before, through the internet.

There are others data centers in GREECE ;

Of course. For years, in fact, some of them are ... slightly more expensive than what will be created in Greece (see here).

Anyone interested can click on to find more details of these.

A lot of people work in data centers;

By default (by default, as the young would say) or "always" (as some friends said laughing), the data centers are spaces with hundreds of arrays of computers, firewalls, routers, kilometers of wiring, ups (voltage stabilizers) and much more.

However, ALL of these are located in places that are characterized as “sterile space in a constant temperature environment [around the 22nd C]", Is not an exaggeration.

And this happens for two reasons.

A) so that there is no case of sabotage on the machines and

B) to have as little dust as possible, static electricity and generally exogenous interference (physical or human) in machinery.

It is therefore self-evident that, in these companies, in , work per shift (in total there are 3 shifts of 8 hours per day) the following: o IT service, who constantly monitors the smooth running of everything, an electrician and the space guards.

If the question arises : "But there is no manager?" the answer is : of course there is, ο IT manager but he does not need to be present in the space since all his decisions and actions can be done remotely, sitting in front of a laptop, and being in a network with everyone servers, with every computer, with every rack.

That's all …

And I mention "these" as any thought that in such places people move and work and cosmopolitan, is science fiction script in a movie for kids ...

The economic ethical side of the issue:

Finally, I mention the following two:

i) yes there is joy (from expected financial income)

a) companies that manufacture hard drives, motherboards, network cards, racks etc but also in their maintenance companies data centers as, if and when a hard drive is "kicked" (damaged) then IT manager informs outsourcing company (external partner) that has undertaken the maintenance and, one of its technicians changes it. Not a local employee.

b) the company that creates the data center (in Microsoft in this case).

c) to electricity providers. To realize the amount of energy thati one data center You may also be interested in reading Data centers: Use the heat of the servers for heating!

ii) yes there is sorrow

In the small companies that until now had hosted in the data of their customers and were companies that are not mentioned in the above table with the data centers. In these small companies that will see a loss in their revenue since several of their customers (eg large accounting firms, clinics) will move to their hangouts Bill…

Υγ. the "philologies" that in this datacenter will host the data of Greek citizens, can only be characterized as conspiracy theories since, as we said before, datacenters in Greece they existed even before the new one under construction.

Some known and some not so well known…

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