Windows 10 delta updates Microsoft stops mood

On Wednesday Mike Benson of Microsoft passed he revealed that the company will stop making delta updates available from February 2019 and will exclusively have the Updates.

Microsoft releases the aggregators in Windows 10 to "reduce ecosystem fragmentation" and to "make it easier for system administrators and end users to stay informed and secure."

Cumulative updates, however, have brought too many problems. The biggest one is that from managers to end users, no one knows if the update is installed or not. And if installed will present other problems on the computer?

Microsoft, however, mentions another important issue: the ever-increasing amount of updates. Benson reports that cumulative updates have started from 100 to 200 Megabytes, but today their size reaches 1-1,2 Gigabytes.

So the company 2017 announced that it reduced the size of Windows Updates using different packages.

Microsoft designed and developed three different types of updates:

    • Full updates (Full updates) which include all the elements and the that have been changed or added since the last major update. Microsoft calls these updates LCU, for Latest Cumulative Update.
    • Updates Delta include only the items and files that have changed since the last update. Delta updates can only be installed if the system is updated on a regular basis.
    • Updates Express only have what is needed in the system

delta updates

Delta updates are larger in size than express updates and Full updates are larger than Delta updates.

Express updates have another advantage over Delta updates: they do not require installing updates from the previous month.

Delta updates were released by Microsoft mainly because the express updates protocol was only on devices that had Windows Update or Windows Server Update Services and not on third-party update management systems.

Microsoft extended the express updates protocol in January 2017, but did not disable Delta Updates to "give companies time to upgrade their update management tools to support express updates."

So recent versions of Windows 10 (Windows 10 build 1607 up to 1803) will support Delta updates. Windows 10 build 1809, (October 2018 Update) will also support Delta updates but will be the latest version to support them.

Microsoft has announced it will end its support for specific updates (delta updates) on 12 2019 February.

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