KB5006670 many problems after installation

Update KB5006670 was released as part of it Patch Tuesday for Windows 10 in October 2021 and contains "tested" bug fixes, security updates, and Windows enhancements.

By default, this cumulative update is automatically installed on all systems, but seems to cause new problems for some.
latest windows update problems

Update KB5006670 is important for security, but it seems to be causing problems for network-based printers, according to user reports on forums and Reddit platform.

Many administrators complain about printing problems with network printers after installing the update.

"When you print to a network printer with type 4 drivers, it does not respond for about 15 seconds and then does not print," says one user.

It seems that many Windows Servers (2019) after updating KB5006765 or (in my opinion) KB5006672 have set the network type to "private" instead of "domain". "This causes incorrect settings to be applied to the Windows firewall," says one Reddit user.

"Restarting the nla service (network location awareness) resolves the problem (the network type becomes domain again) until the next restart."

It is worth noting that this problem is not widespread and not all users experience problems with network printing, but it seems that there are some other issues with the latest update of Windows 10.

For example, some users are unable to download and install KB5006670, another reported that his device showed Blue Screen of Death, while a third had problems with SmartCards and the stylus.

The latest update of Windows 10 also fails to install on some users displaying error 0x8007000d. This mysterious message reported this year but and last year. The update failure is usually accompanied by a message stating: "We will try to download the update again later".

There is nothing you can do about it. Some have tried the manual installation or Media Creation Tool, but these methods may or may not work.

Microsoft has not yet acknowledged the above issues, nor has it responded to user feedback on the Feedback Hub.

So if your update creates more problems than it solves you can uninstall it:

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Open Settings, and select "Update and Security".
On the Windows Update page, open the History tab and click "Remove Updates."
Select the update you want to uninstall. In this case, look for KB5006670 and click "Uninstall".

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